1. Facts and Figures

The WebTutor system is used:

  • By 9 out of 10 top banks in Russia
  • By 8 out of 10 top insurance companies in Russia
  • By 9 of the top 20 retailers in Russia
  • By 46 of the top 100 companies in Russia

Our Clients

More importantly:

  • The WebTutor System has been implemented in 350 of the largest companies, organizations, and universities in Russia and the CIS.
  • The E-Staff ("Recruitment") module has been implemented in more than 1,500 companies in Russia and the CIS
  • More than 70,000 users of the Courselab electronic course editor across 180 countries
  • More than 600,000 people regularly use portals built using the WebTutor system

Company Overview

Ways in which our product has been implemented in real companies:

20 more examples available HERE

2. High Customer Satisfaction

What Are Customers Saying About WebSoft Products and Services?

Lukoil Overseas

Given our successful and cooperative experience, MF LUKOIL Overseas Service BV recommends WebSoft as a reliable and professional supplier. ...

Societe Generale Banking Group East (ROSBANK)

We would like to say that working with WebSoft was easy and pleasant. I especially want to note the flexibility of the company's employees, especially their patience and understanding during the implementation of upgrades....


Through collaboration with WebSoft, we managed to create one of the largest distance learning systems available among our corporate counterparts in Russia....


Due to the high professionalism of the WebSoft team, we were able to solve complex issues associated with the creation of a unified information space and unequivocally advance the development of our company. ...

">More customer reviews

3. Unique Product Features

The WebTutor System is not a piecemeal selection of programs, rather it is an all-inclusive automation of company HR-processes:

New Employee Adaptation
Distance Learning and Testing
Assessment and Certification of Personnel
Providing 360 Degree Feedback
Planning Budgets and Training Activities
Recording and Analyzing Learning Results
Managing the Talent Pool

WebTutor is not only WebTutor not only comprehensive, but is also a modular system, meaning that system features can be implemented in stages. The list of available modules is constantly growing. The system is regularly being upgraded, 3-4 times a year new versions are released that significantly extend product functionality.

You pay only for those modules that are needed. You can assemble the modules into a system configuration that best suits your company. Add new modules to the embedded system in a few minutes.

The system provides rich functionality for the automation of HR, not only because of its many modules. It is important that each of the modules is functional, easy to use, and flexible to configure. The system modules that WebTutor provides represent exceptional opportunities.

We've created a system that works effectively for HR-specialists, but is useful for staff to take courses and tests. For managers, we've developed a set of specialized interfaces. With their help, they can manage their staff and to obtain detailed and timely information.

4. The Best Practices Library (Best Practice) and the User Community

It is no secret that software products are developed and perfected as customer use expands and product requirements dictates. This happens, of course, only if the developer of the software accepts and implements client suggestions.

WebSoft has always tried to listen to the wishes of our customers, which has resulted in a highly functional "boxed" product, and a library of additional components that can be installed in your system. Customers can take advantage of the unique WebSoft best practices library (Best Practice) at a special site for WebSoft customers.

The Best Practices Library is the accumulated as a result of hundreds of completed projects and includes:

  • More than 60 system agents (regularly performed procedures - such as mailing lists, reminders, etc.)
  • More than 100 templates for e-mail notifications
  • More than 100 reports
  • More than 30 variants of document management workflows (route approval requests, evaluation forms)
  • More than 30 portal templates
  • Printable forms
  • Patterns for integration with external databases and information systems

For the successful implementation of the system is important not only to have access to the experiences of other companies that have used the software, but to also garner the experience and knowledge that can be obtained from professional colleagues. WebSoft provides its customers with a unique platform for dialogue - the Customer Portal. Regular discussions occur on the portal as well as webinars and active blogs. Members of the users community numbers more than 1,500 people.

WebSoft annually holds a conference in Moscow for clients, at which portal community members can socialize and share experiences in person.

5. Reliability, Universality, Performance, Safety

The WebTutor System is used by dozens of companies with many users: more than 10,000 people. In this type of environment, HR-portal must occasionally cope with very high user loads. This is due to the fact that companies must sometimes complete massive operations in a short period of time over the portal: testing, staff opinion surveys, periodic evaluation procedures, and mass e-learning on new products and technologies. The WebTutor system copes with such loads while demanding low hardware requirements.

Some statistics from our customers, confirm the above:

  • Rosgosstrah - total number of DLS users - 100,000
  • El Dorado - the number of completed tests and courses after 2 years of using the system - more than 1 million (more than 10,000 per week)
  • TNK-BP - the total number of Learning Portal users - more than 50,000 people
  • VTB 24 - the number of evaluation forms filled out in a month by HR Portal Users - 50,000

High performance is confirmed not only by long, practical use, but also through performance tests. Upon request, we are always ready to carry out further performance tests on equipment and infrastructure.

Reliability and system performance provide not only the proper architecture and efficient software code, but also the support of assistive technology solutions:

  • Clusters of application servers
  • Clusters database
  • Opportunity to work with electronic learning content without having to connect to the portal (offline)
  • Distributed content server to manage traffic
  • Distributed application server - the ability to work in a multi-server configuration
  • Ability to work in a "cloud" environment

The WebTutor system meets security requirements for modern information systems (including requirements for the protection of personal data):

  • Supports integrated authentication technologies (including on the basis of Microsoft Active Directory)
  • Supports https, certificates
  • Supports data encryption
  • Allows digital signatures (EDS) for completing data via the HR-Portal
  • Logs user and system actions
  • Offers flexible mechanism for assigning permissions based on roles, groups, or organizational structure
6. Support for Modern IT Solutions

High performance HR-Portal operates on the included framework (see System Framework). WebTutor supports the latest version of Microsoft, including the Windows 2008 Server. Fully supports the 64-bit version of the Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2008 Server R2 and Windows 2003 Server.

The HR-Portal database may be stored, processed and used for reporting hundreds, thousands, or evend millions of records for testing, training, evaluation, etc. In this way, the system is an important complement to modern database management systems (DBMS) offered by leading manufacturers. WebTutor supports the latest industrial databases:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Oracle Server 10g

For smaller installations, the system can work without the use of database (XML-database) or with free versions of commercial databases (MS SQL Express, Oracle Express Edition).

If the company has already implemented a corporate information portal, the question arises as to how this portal will be integrated with the HR portal. The WebTutor system allows for different degrees of integration with enterprise information portals - integration at the level of a single sign-on, integration at the level of design, link exchange and content, as well as closer integration through implementation of WebTutor software components (Web Parts, portlets) on the portal. We have integrated WebTutor portal platforms on various systems: SAP Portal, Microsoft SharePoint, 1C Bitrix.

The standard WebTutor delivery includes components (web parts) that can be integrated with the Microsoft SharePoint Server. Supported versions of SharePoint:

  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010

HR-portals that are based on a WebTutor system are easy to integrate not only with corporate portals, but also with other information systems:

  • Personnel accounting systems and ERP systems - SAP HR, MS Axapta, MS Navision, Oracle EBS, Boss Kadrovik, 1C (7 and 8) and others
  • Accounting systems users - Microsoft Active Directory, Lotus Domino Directory, LDAP directories and others

In recent years, an increasing number of IT departments are using cloud computing systems. WebTutor operates in a cloud using Windows Azure.

7. Flexible Pricing, Fast and Measurable Return on Investment

The cost of the WebTutor system does not depend on the number of users. This means that your chosen set of system modules is a one-time investment. Any increase in the number of personnel, development of new offices or branches does not require any additional payment.

You can easily calculate the return on your investment by observing the reduced travel costs and improved time efficiency as staff no longer need to spend as much time on assessment and testing procedures. Typically, the cost of implementing the system for a company of between 3,000 and 5,000 people is realized withinr 6-9 months. (See also " How do you calculate the efficiency of system implementation? ")

We adhere to a more flexible pricing policy:

  • You pay only for those modules that you need now
  • You can pay in installments
  • You may rent, rather than purchase modules
  • Discounts are granted with the purchase of multiple modules

In addition, this package includes a set of free components (quantity depends on the set of modules choosen):

You may test our products before purchase absolutely free of charge:

8. Easy Installation and In-Depth Support

More than 10 years of experience in the market installing hundreds HR-systems allow us to provide fast and efficient product installation (see also " Installing WebTutor "). Our guarantee of successful product is based on:

According to a portal survey of 50 customers using the "Benchmarking" service, the average time purchasing the "boxed" WebTutor System to hosting an open educational portal was less than 4 months (Click for more information).

The launch of an HR-access portal for employees is just beginning. Once the portal is launched, system administrators are beginning to analyze the processes occurring in it as well as implementing new services and features. At this stage, it is very important to establish technical support and training tools. We provide our clients with:

  • Unlimited consultations by phone, Skype, email, and forums with experienced support specialists
  • Access to the electronic WebSoft Helpdesk, automated monitoring of response times to customer requests in accordance with the service agreement (SA)
  • Access to the knowledge base on the customer portal
  • Access to the user community, the ability to communicate via forums and blogs
  • Regular webinars conducted by WebSoft specialists, our partners and clients
  • Regular seminars on working with the system
  • Opportunity to communicate with colleagues at the annual customer conference
9. Open Source

The market for applications that automate business processes will only tolerate the most flexible, open and customizable products products that can be effectively implemented, developed, and maintained. If the application does not have the built-in capability to add a new field to a table, create a new print form, etc., the customer either has to use what is available, ie, "Box" or get a customized system that would be difficult to maintain and update.

The WebTutor system was originally built so that user specific settings made outside the core system could be introduced without interfering with product updates. Our Open Source Basics:

  • The code is open source (including the code underlying business logic)
  • The package includes tools that allow for flexibility - a report generator , create printed forms, a mechanism that sets email notifications, approval routing configuration mechanisms (workflow), a gateway to external information systems
  • The system architecture allows for running custom settings (creating user codes, reports, templates, portal, notifications, package integration, etc.) without changing the core system. Updated versions of the system do not affect user settings or changes
  • Ability to refine the system independantly, documented system data structure
  • Programming Interface (API) that interacts with other software products, integration platform
  • Constantly updated database of system components (Best Practices), available in open source
  • Ability for full-time and distance learning users to configure the system and the develop new components
10. Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

1) We do not accept payment for work setting up the system and you only pay for the work that are satisfied with.

2) If within 2 months after software delivery, you are satisfied with its functionality, we will return your money.