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WebTutor - e-Learning and Talent Management Suite  
WebTutor - e-Learning and Talent Management Suite

WebTutor is an integrated system for automating business processes associated with personnel recruitment, assessment, testing, and training. It also systematically files and saves knowledge, facilitating the talent management of staff. The system organizes and expedites communication and interaction between employees and the HR-department.

The WebTutor system features a modular approach that lets you create a selection of software modules within a flexible, highly configurable system database. The way in which the system responds depends on the tasks performed by the client.

After purchasing the WebTutor system, the client can access a personalized portal via both intranet and internet. Distance learning courses, testing modules, a corporate information portal, or a full academic and HR-portal that automates all processes related to corporate training can be constructed using the portal framework.

The portal provides users (employees, partners, and clients) with various tools, dependent upon a set of embedded system modules. Below are some examples of services that are available on the Portal:

The system can be integrated with the basic elements of a customer's IT infrastructure - payroll accounting system, EPR systems, user accounts, corporate mail systems, etc. Such integration allows system implementation and operation to be as efficient as possible.

Hundreds of leading companies in Russia and the CIS have successfully implemented and are using the WebTutor system. Over 500,000 employees from leading companies are currently using WebSoft portals.