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The "Testing" module of the WebTutor system allows you to create and build a database of test questions using a test library. Tests developed in this module can be used in other WebTutor modules as part of e-learning courses for full-time study or when selecting staff for assessment activities.

Main Tasks Performed by the Module:

  • Creates a library of different types of test questions (6 basic types of questions)
  • Creates tests using the library (with the possibility of random sampling, time constraints, and other parameters)
  • Allows tests to be included in e-learning courses
  • Utilizes tests as independent assessment tools
  • Provides detailed analysis of test results
  • Automatically assigns tests according to predefined rules (for example, for new employees)
  • Tests potential job candidates

Fig. 1 - Using the question database

Additional Features:

  • Ability to reform question sets (random sample, weighted sample, etc.)
  • Multi-section tests
  • Set time limits for answering a question or completing a test section, as well as limit the number of times a user may retake a test
  • Set a test scale and interpret results according to the scale
  • Award a qualification on the basis of test
  • Import a question database from Excel
  • Automate the process of rating questions related to expertise, checking the test and questions for validity and reliability (using the "Test-Expert" component)
  • E-mail notifications when a test is assigned and set text and notification parameters
  • Provide a description of the connection between tests and elements of a competency model (knowledge), define the purpose of testing based on a position's responsibilities
  • Allows for the creation of personality questionnaires and psychological tests

Fig. 2 - Analysis of the validity of the test questions

Technological Features:

  • Multimedia can be inserted into a test question
  • Supports international IMS QTI (import and export) standards
  • High performance (see "System Performance")

Fig. 3 - Testing process