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Distance Learning (DLS)  
Distance Learning (DLS)

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The "Distance Learning" module of the WebTutor system (AKA: WebTutor Distance Learning System) allows you to organize the planning, conducting, and training analysis for users (employees, customers, students) using e-learning courses, as well as permitting communication and information exchange between learners, teachers, experts, and system administrators.

Main Tasks Performed by the Module:

  • Works with an electronic course database: imports courses, conforms to international standards, changes course parameters, manages course directories, manages access permissions. Course creation (basic e-learning editor comes as part of the module).
  • Creates modular training programs ("learning paths") on the basis of individual e-learning courses and modules.
  • Manages the learning process: assigns sessions (automatically created for individuals or groups based on predefined rules concerning testing and other means of assessment procedures), tracks course completion, controls time-frame of training tasks (sending out notices, analytical reports, etc.). Collects information related to the need for training - configurable application tool.
  • Analyzes learning results: creates reports and data sampling (more than 10 built-in reports), expands the list of reports with a built-in report editor, provides collection and analysis of feedback questionnaires.
  • The Learning Portal provides an interface for both teachers and experts to manage and assess the learning process.
  • The trainee (student) interface enables easy access to e-learning courses and communication with students, teachers, and experts.
  • Facilitates easy information exchange between students, teachers, experts (via forums, chat, blogs, etc.).

Fig. 1 - System report generated in the admin interface

Additional Features:

  • Works with learning groups
  • Controls start and completion dates for courses. Automatic completion of overdue courses.
  • The training process can be monitored by leaders: creation of reports, notices, course assignments, and application management.
  • Notifies trainees, managers, etc. via e-mail about courses, course end-dates, and training completion. Sets text and notification settings.
  • Enables dual learning formats - creating combined -full-time and distance- training programs.
  • Integrates learning activities with the Virtual Classroom module (real-time webinar capabilities).

Built-in Course Editor

The system includes a basic e-learning course editor that allows you to create courses that consist of any number of topics, documents containing text, images, links to documents, and objects from the portal, including multimedia resources. The course may include any number of tests created in the "Test" Module. If the customer wants to enrich course content through interactive exercises, adapted scenarios, role-playing games, learning how to use software products, we recommend that he take advantage of the CourseLab editor.

The Distance Learning System conforms to the following international standards for teaching materials:

  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004
  • AICC

Fig. 2 - Viewing an e-course record (TOC) via the student interface

Technological Features:

  • Ability to construct a a distributed e-learning system (using any number of system and content servers)
  • Support for multimedia broadcasting for any sized object
  • High performance
  • Student access via the most popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox)