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Corporate Portal

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The WebTutor system allows you to develop not only a Learning or HR-Portal, but by expanding its capabilities you can even create a corporate information portal. The "Corporate Portal" module is an expanded set of templates that are normally a part of the Portal Settings module. These templates permit basic functions needed for a modern internet resource.

Main Features for the Corporate Portal Built on the WebTutor Platform:

  • Combine functions of the information portal, knowledge portal, learning portal, and HR-portal within a single interface. In addition to functional training access, the HR portal can be made available via the corporate information portal.
  • Create multiple portal design layouts and use different designs for different staff portals
  • Set-up allows structure and design to reflect the corporate style on the portal
  • Communication mediums for employees (forums, blogs, polls)
  • Publish and search documents; store and share accumulated corporate information (including informal types)
  • Manage content through programs like WebTutor Administrator and the web based portal
  • Control access permissions to information and administrative functions
  • Create a bilingual portal
  • Integrate with the corporate email system to send automated notifications
  • Develop new portal sections using customizable templates
  • Create department pages where department representatives can create a mini-site
  • Increases the number of system users without compromising functionality
  • Refines and extends functionality of system requirements as they appear in new features without significant costs for software development and system administration
  • Uses other unique module functions from the WebTutor platform in conjunction with the corporate portal
  • Allows the "Virtual Classroom" module to facilitate meetings between employees located in different offices
  • The "Knowledge Management" module creates a knowledge map to connect information objects that are stored and available in the database

Fig. 1 - Example of a corporate portal home page

Standard Templates Included with the Corporate Portal (augmenting the "Portal Settings" module):

  • News - template publishes company news for instant access by employees to information about changes in corporate policies
  • Hall of Fame - contains information about outstanding company employees
  • Introduction of new employees - provides information about employees who recently joined the company
  • Happy Birthday - information stored on the main page about employee birthdays for the current day, week, or month, available for viewing by user specified time period
  • Calendar of Events - provides information about important company events that can be viewed as a standard WebTutor calendar or as a list of events
  • Address Book - contains background information company employees
  • Corporate Magazine - a template for browsing the directory of journals (announcements of issues), their contents and complete articles
  • Corporate Dictionary - contains important company terminology
  • Corporate Library - template allows for automating the account books in the library, browsing the library catalog and reserving books from the library
  • Photo Gallery - publishes photo collections for various themes and events
  • Video Collection - publishes video clips filmed during corporate events, meetings, speeches, etc.
  • Contests - automates the organization of various contests by publishing the rules. It sends applications and participation materials, as well as publishes, reviews, evaluates and comments on submitted materials
  • Classifieds Ads - Portal members can post personal ads on our site
  • Surveys and Polls - WebTutor's standard operative in the system, available through the corporate portal
  • Forums - enables advanced forums in the corporate portal (supports ribbon representation, enables facilitation through the portal, allows "nicknames", and the creation of an anonymous forum)
  • Blogs - allows Portal Administrators to create blogs and grant rights other portal users to be authors or moderators
  • Feedback - allows employees to share their opinions or suggestions with the leadership

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