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Knowledge Management

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The "Knowledge Management" module of the WebTutor system is designed to solve problems related to classifying and formalizing knowledge accumulated while using various components of the WebTutor system (portal documents, training, questions, tests, forum discussions, etc.).The module facilitates information searches, learning management, and makes managing communications with course experts much easier.

Main Tasks Performed by the Module:

  • Organizes knowledge -  characterized as information data in different WebTutor modules, including: document sections of the portal, e-courses, training programs, forums, tests, etc.
  • Gives portal users knowledge search interfaces
  • Manages the process of familiarizing oneself with knowledge sources while offering a standard of achievable knowledge
  • Manages interaction with experts

Fig. 1 - Editing classifiers

Opportunities to Standardize Learning:

  • Maintain an expandable, hierarchical list of directories and indices
  • Link any information functions in the system (courses, tests, papers, blogs, discussions) to a knowledge map (classifiers)
  • Display modules on the portal as a hierarchical tree or in the form of an interactive map (similar to a "mind map")
  • Build a "tag cloud" based on key words
  • Create knowledge profiles and familiarity with the automated portal

Fig. 2 - Portal "tag cloud"

Manage Interaction Between Experts:

  • The "Ask an Expert" page forms the basis for frequently asked questions
  • Review questions asked by experts, assesses their answers, rate experts
  • Develop a best practices database (Best Practices) using the experts' answers

Fig. 3 - Expert interaction on the portal