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Portal Management

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The "Portal Management" module of the WebTutor system allows you to create a system based on the WebTutor Training or HR-portal, which is a powerful communication tool for implementing training policies and developing company employees, as well as informing employees about HR-policies and the provision of information services for managers.

Main Tasks Performed by the Module:

Fig. 1 - Management structure of the portal

Additional Features:

  • Supports various portal designs, structures, and languages for different user categories
  • Allows the customer to expand the list of functional portal templates (or adjust existing templates)
  • Allows the customer to modify any text or text constants
  • Ability to manage distributed content across portal sections by different groups of users

Fig. 2 - Modifying portal design and structure for the Rosgosstrah company

System Features:

Fig. 3 - Conducting a survey over the portal