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Personnel Assessment  
Personnel Assessment

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The "Personnel Assessment" module of the WebTutor system allows you to automate planning, direct and analyze different types of assessment procedures (including various forms of assessment by competence such as 360 degree feedback), develop individual staff development plans, evaluate performance (using key performance indicators or by goals), conduct testing and position evaluations.

Main Tasks Performed by the Module:

  • Maintains the library of competencies, knowledge, skills, and behavioral indicators
  • Maintains a library of key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Creates job profiles on the basis of competency libraries
  • Automatically creates assessment plans based on assessment procedure parameters and organizational structure
  • Supports multiple types of assessment procedures, including ongoing and simultaneous types
  • Easily configures review procedures for assessment forms built into the electronic workflow document editor system
  • Automatically notifies assessment participants by e-mail

Fig. 1 - Creating a competency model

Additional Features:

  • Provides support for flexible subordination systems (functional managers)
  • Ability to download data and estimate KPI from an external database
  • Possibility to combine various evaluation types (competencies, goals, individual development plans) into a single procedure
  • Flexible configuration of analytical reports (including a built-in report generator ), with graphical displays

Fig. 2 - Completing an evaluation form on our site

Advantages of Automating Assessments:

  • Ability to conduct mass assessment procedures in a short time
  • Reduced labor costs for collecting and processing evaluation forms
  • Possibility of performing random assessment analyses

Fig. 3 - Example of an analytical report