Technical Support
Updated Product Versions  
Updated Product Versions

WebSoft adheres to the following approach when releasing new versions of its products (WebTutor and CourseLab):

  • Global releases come out every 2-3 years (older version number changes, for example, version 2 is released after version 1). Existing customers pay a fee when transitioning to a new global release, but a discount, usually up to 50% of the total system cost, is given to customers when moving to a new version. A new global release involves a significant change in system functions and interface. It consists of technological and platform changes.
  • New versions in the current release series come out 3-4 times a year (eg version 2.7.2 is released after version 2.7.1). A new version upgrade is free for customers who have a valid technical support contract. New functions are usually added to newer versions, as well as new types of system objects, new modules, and interfaces can also be added.
  • Each version of the system may be assembled in multiple ways (for example, 2.7.2 (19), where 19 is the packaging number). Any errors found during testing can be corrected during assembly. New functions are not added. New assemblies are free under current technical support contracts, as well as for customers who have not signed a contract for support (later assemblies are available only for the version installed for the client).

Each system version may have one of the following statuses:

  • Release - version underwent full function and load testing including a period (not less than 2 months) of use in "field" conditions. All known errors have been fixed. Versions possessing this status are recommended for installation.
  • Release Candidate - version of the system underwent full function and load testing. Significant errors have been eliminated or were not found. Versions possessing this status may be recommended for customers who need the new features implemented in the new version.
  • Version in Progress - work is underway to add new functionality. This version is not available to customers and new functions are not able to be explored except by request for installation in a testing environment.

WebSoft customers can learn about future release versions as well as view older versions on the customer portal.

If errors are found in the version the client is using, the client can contact technical support and get information about a future date for a possible fix or if a current release has already fixed the problem. Errors that have been discovered are corrected in recent versions with Release and Release Candidate status (for example, an earlier error would be fixed in both  the Release 2.7.1 and the Release Candidate 2.7.2 version, except when changes are required for the system data structure of the system to correct the error).

Ongoing technical support for older versions:

  • No limits on the period of limitations for all versions related to the current global release
  • For previous versions of the global release, support is limited to the period of limitations. A notice of the limitation period is announced 12 months in advance.