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System Installation

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It usually takes from 3 to 6 months to install and implement the WebTutor system. The length of time depends on the degree to which WebTutor needs to be integrated with the customer's IT infrastructure, the number of assigned modules, the number of system settings required, etc.

The customer may select from 2 installation options:

  • Express Install
  • Complete Install

Express Install

Express Install is recommended when the client wants the core functionality of the system modules available for the majority of users as quickly possible.

The installation process:

  • Interviews with the client determine the list of system modules that will be express installed
  • The project team is formed (see below)
  • System integration is setup to conform to customer IT operations (*)
  • Integration with IT systems is achieved (*)
  • The basic portal design configuration is set to mimic the clients corporate style (*)
  • Installation of the system is completed
Minimum period necessary for this type of installation: 2 weeks without integration and design, 2 months with all phases of work. Items marked with an (*) are optional.

After completing rapid installation, customers can immediately begin to operate the system. As customers become familiar with the capabilities of the program, they can make adjustments for setting up and adapting features to their business needs (such requirements are usually determined after 3-6 months of operation). Based on customer requirements, WebSoft specialists create some Specification Requirements and setup the system. The customer can also use preset packs and configurations from the Best Practices Library.

Complete Install

This type of installation is recommended when a customer wants the system installed with customizations made for business processes and requirements. This option is not recommended for companies with business processes in the formative stages that may change the system is being installed.

The installation process:

  • Experts at WebSoft study internal company documents and interview the client to define the list of tasks and business processes to be automated
  • WebSoft Specialists conduct detailed surveys of company business processes to be automated and interview departmental specialists
  • The result of the survey becomes the Terms of Reference for implementing the system and integrating it with the company's IT systems.  This also determines the length of the project. Requirements Specifications are coordinated with the customer.
  • The project team is formed (see below)
  • Integration with IT systems is achieved
  • The basic portal design configuration is set to mimic the clients corporate style (*)
  • The system is configured in accordance with the specification requirements
  • The system is installed
  • Trained professionals work with the customer to configure and customize the system
The minimum period for introducing this type of configuration - 4 months.

Project Team

System installation usually involves a number of IT professionals and HR-representatives from the company, as well as WebSoft consultants or our partners. It is best to divide the group into those managing the implementation phase and those managing the system support and development during the life of the system.

The Customer's Project Team

  • Project Manager (at the implementation and operation stage) - Formation of a project plan, coordination of all project participants
  • IT Coordinator (at the implementation stage) - coordinates the activities of various IT specialists, who may be involved in the project at various stages
  • IT professionals (at the implementation stage) - the project may involve (depending on requirements for integrating with the company's IT infrastructure), experts on computer networks, experts in using the accounting system - Active Directory, LDAP itp, experts personnel accounting system or ERP-system, experts on corporate mail system, database specialists
  • Application system administrators (implementation and operation) - as a rule, the HR-department specialists responsible for the content of the system, the solution of current problems, automated system
  • The system administrator of the system (during operation) - responsible for performing regular system maintenance procedures in terms of IT (backups, software upgrades, stopping and starting the server, database management) after the transfer into production

WebSoft's Team

  • Manager/Project Coordinator (at the implementation stage) - the formation of a project plan, executive coordination of all project participants
  • Consultants on Information Systems (implementation) - are responsible for system installation, integration with IT infrastructure
  • Consultants for the implementation - are responsible for screening the customer's business processes, preparing technical specifications, consulting and training the customer, setting up the system in accordance with customer requirements
  • Programmers (implementation) - may be involved on the project, if necessary, to perform system modifications
  • Designers (implementation) - design client portal
  • Experts support (operation phase) - advise customer after product is fully installed