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The "Recruitment" module in the WebTutor system is also known under the brand name E-Staff. More than 1,500 companies regularly use during the recruitment process. The module allows you to automate recruitment activities by department, formulate requirements for new employees before testing and assessment, and post notification for closure of the vacancy.

Main Tasks Performed by the Module:

  • Determines departmental structure for companies, clients, and recruiters. Combines records of clients and departments for existing companies with an integrated personnel service.
  • Records vacancies and applications for hiring employees
  • Automatically publishes vacancy notices on the internet
  • Imports candidates' resumes from mailboxes and Microsoft Word documents
  • Works with candidates  throughout the interview, hiring and termination, tracking status, probation period
  • Integrates the events and task calendar with MS Outlook
  • Stores a complete history of each candidate, job, and client

Fig. 1 - Working with a candidates database

Additional Features:

  • Send resumes and sample messages using custom templates
  • Search for details in the database using formal criteria and arbitrary wording
  • Search for candidates on several internet sites at the same time
  • Broaden the database by adding additional fields and references used in the company

Fig. 2 -Portal list of candidates for a vacancy

Integration with other modules:

  • Collects and coordinates requests/applications by candidate during the selection process using the WebTutor Portal
  • Informs managers about the status of vacancies through the portal interface
  • Fills out forms for evaluating candidates based on an internal site interview
  • Testing and assessment of candidates

Fig. 3 - Searching for candidates on the internet