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Rapid Course Creation  
Rapid Course Creation

Ежегодный конкурс курсов, созданных с помощью CourseLab
Более 200 курсов в свободном доступе!

Узнайте, кто победил

CourseLab is a fast tool for developing electronic courses. After using the product for only 2 or 3 days, you can create and prepare professional quality, easy-to-use, distance learning courses for publication in the electronic system.

Fig. 1 - Interactive slide pyramid: one of the many visualization tools in CourseLab

Rapid Course Creation Features:

  • Import editable materials from Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Transfer materials from Microsoft Word, PDF, and other text editors
  • Includes a set of interactive training objects that implement the main features of presentations and data visualization
  • Minimal development time needed to utilize basic features (maximum of 3 days, when assuming familiarity with e-learning courses that are available free of charge)

Fig. 2 - Importing from MS PowerPoint to CourseLab