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Annual Conference for WebSoft Customers  
Annual Conference for WebSoft Customers

WebSoft annually holds a conference called "The Idea Laboratory" which brings customers and partners together.

"The Idea Laboratory" conference is traditionally organized as a platform for informal professional networking, sharing ideas, and brainstorming new ideas in the field of HR process automation and e-learning. The 2011 conference was attended by more than 180 representatives from leading companies in Russia and the CIS.

WebSoft Experts share information about new products and solutions and discuss prospects for product development.


WebSoft customers and partners share their ideas and experiences with product implementation.


Following the conference, a catalog of ideas and materials is produced and distributed to participants. The catalog of the ideas presented at the 2011 conference can be viewed on our site.

The second part of the conference is usually held using informal and creative communication formats (round table, World Cafe, etc.).


Feedback from conference participants:

"I believe that the chosen format was very successful and conducted in the best possible way. I liked the organization of the event; it was comfortable and not too long. Time flew by, I did not want the conference to come to an end "- Maya Pchelkina, Raiffeisen Bank.

"I am very pleased, nothing was watered down - there was just a mass of concrete ideas and developments.The conference was also very useful - stimulating brain activity and generating a lot of new plans of what we still need to implement:) "- Natalia Filimonov, Carlo Pazolini.

"The WebSoft conference has become one of the best traditions within the Russian e-learning community. It should be noted that the level of organization for the event was very good. The bi-directional movement of ideas, needs, solutions, and technologies is very evident. Sharing is conducted using an active model of communication "- Andrew Dyusmikeev, director of development for MediuM.

"Just wanted to mention the high level of organization at the event! In a friendly atmosphere with customer representatives, we had the opportunity to learn how learning processes are organized in other companies and to boast of our own achievements in the field of employee development. We hope that WebSoft will continue to hold such events in the future. I probably will not be mistaken if, on behalf of all participants, I express the wish to meet more often"- Olga Yurina, consultant of the Department for Blended Learning at Talantium.

"One of the most open and clear gatherings for goal setting within the specialized Russian sphere of e-learning. For participants, the conference is an excellent opportunity to hear and see how e-learning processes are conducted (and divided between branches) in other companies. Secondly, participants have the ability to express themselves in a narrow circle of professionals (and can promote their own company's use of advanced technology in employee development). For partners, this is an opportunity to present themselves as professional contractors (in this case, for course development), and understand the real needs of companies" - Alexander Ryabinin, head of the Department for Implementing e-learning Technologies at Multimedia Lab.