Portal Management Tools  

We designed the WebTutor system not only for use by HR-specialists but also for regular portal users. Efficient system operation is impossible without specialized tools for the site manager.

The HR-Portal, built on the WebTutor system, gives the administrator many analytical and managerial tools for managing HR-processes. These tools are included in the standard package.

The system supports a variety of management styles and provides opportunities for line managers, functional managers, curators, groups, senior managers, HR-coordinators of units (the list of types of leaders and their rights is modifiable). Different types and categories of managers may have different rights in the system.

Manager Panel: interface for managing subordinates

Tools for the portal administrator:

  • View analytic reports (both standard and customized). The report generator allows you to create reports so that managers automatically only see data for their departments
  • Creating departmental learning plans
  • Process different types of requests
  • Coordinate staff participation in training activities
  • View the budget for a training unit
  • Complete and approve assessment forms (competence, performance assessment, KPI, etc.)
  • View information about the results of training and testing, employee transfers and promotions, assessment results
  • View information about potential candidates, recruits. Select and approve proposed applicants
  • Assign e-learning courses and tests
  • Manage training and adaptation of new employees

An employee record

An assessment report of a subordinate