Best Practices  

It is no secret that software products are developed and perfected to the extent that, as the number of applications and users grows, the user requirements become more complex and software developers strive to anticipate and carry out the wishes of clients.

WebSoft has always tried to listen to the wishes of our customers by accumulating project experience to produce better software. After years of work, a library of additional components for the system came to fruition. It is the library of best practices (Best Practices). WebSoft customers can take advantage of this unique library, amassed as a result of hundreds of projects. Access to the library is possible on the WebSoft site for customers.

The Best Practice library consists of:

  • More than 60 server agents (reguarly performed procedures - such as mailing lists, reminders, etc.)
  • More than 100 e-mail notification templates
  • More than 100 reports
  • More than 30 variants of workflow management (route approval requests, evaluation forms)
  • More than 30 portal templates
  • Printable forms
  • Patterns to integrate with external databases and information systems

The portal makes it possible to view all the database components in the list, as well as using the interactive HR-processes program. Clicking on an appropriate part of an interactive chart takes the user to a page that describes the general features of the system for automating HR-related tasks, references to the piece of the system that automates the process, and links to documentation.

Interactive map of automated processes for the customer portal

View of best practices database on the customer portal

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