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Benefits of Using the WebTutor System  
Benefits of Using the WebTutor System

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Why are leading companies implementing the WebTutor system?

Who benefits from system implementation?:

  • Employee HR departments - the system solves common problems and automates key business processes, significantly reduces labor costs, and increases operational efficiency. The system is also an important information tool in the hands of the HR-Unit.
  • Rank and file employees - the system offers employees new opportunities for self-development and training, increases the transparency of HR-policies, and enhances the company's image as an efficient and state-of-the-art employer.
  • Supervisors - the system provides advanced tools for the operational management of staff.
  • Top management - using distance learning technologies can significantly reduce company training costs; the system increases transparency of the HR-department; it allows you to organize talent management on the basis of created system databases.