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New Version of Websoft Virtual Classroom  

Websoft experts completed work on a new version of the Virtual Classroom module for the WebTutor System. The Virtual Classroom is a tool for holding webinars, online meetings, and video conferencing in the training portal. The virtual classroom can be used through a corporate network as well as over the internet (as a feature lease, see

Many leading Russian companies use virtual classroom trainings for their employees, partners, and customers. Our clients include companies such as Bank Home Credit, Raiffeisen Bank, Bank of the Renaissance, Probusinessbank, Detsky Mir, Phillips, Panasonic, Eksmo Book Publishers, Moscow State University of Railway Engineering, Moscow Business School, and many others. The second version of the product was developed in order to make the product even more effective.

The new version of virtual classroom contains over 100 improvements, including:

  • Flexible management of windows for all webinar tools, ready-made templates for common Windows usage scenarios
  • Expanding a webinar window to fit the whole screen, the ability to expand every webinar tool to whole screen
  • Management tools for webinar shared files, access permissions for files
  • Multiple live video feeds, mediator controls for controlling video broadcast (pause and resume)
  • Enhanced drawing on a common blackboard (whiteboard), new tools: pencil and brush, vector AutoShapes, pictures, and video downloads
  • Support for multiple blackboards (whiteboard), with the status of each board saved
  • Private chat
  • Webinar recording in flv format
  • All active users are saved in the database and it is possible to analyze and create reports on student activity
  • Custom window styles (skins)