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WebTutor in Unicredit Bulbank  

A project to create an educational portal (Learning Center Portal) was completed in the largest Bulgarian bank, Unicredit Bulbank. The portal is based on the WebTutor product. Websoft and company experts jointly implemented the project.

The Learning Portal is an integrated system that automates all the processes of the bank's training center:

  • Collecting and analyzing training needs
  • Creating budgets for education and training plans
  • Assigning study groups
  • Accounting training costs and tracking budgeted expenses
  • Collecting feedback
  • Creating analytical reports

The system also provides opportunities for distance learning, testing, and webinars. The WebTutor system was successfully integrated with the corporate personnel records, e-mail system, enterprise portal platform Microsoft Sharepoint, and other elements of IT infrastructure.

All of the bank's employees (over 6,000) now have access to the portal. The portal interface is available in Bulgarian and English.