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WebSoft announces the next contest for the best e-learning course developed using the WebSoft CourseLab editor.

WebSoft annually holds an e-learning course contest which attracts the attention of e-learning experts from leading companies and universities. In 2010, 33 e-courses developed in the educational centers of leading companies from Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan fought for the victory.

Participation in the contest allows companies to share ideas, compare their approaches to e-learning solutions with other companies, and receive coveted assessments from the professional community.

Only works produced by experts at corporate training centers and educational institutions are eligible to take part in the competition. Professional course developers evaluate the work.

The subject of submitted courses is not dictated by the contest. Entrants should familiarize themselves with previous contest winners:
1) 2009 entries
2) 2010 entries

Fig. Screen shot from the CourseLab 2010 contest winner: "Introduction to the Coal Industry" (DTEK, Ukraine).

Assessment is based on several criteria: the correctness of how course goals and objectives are formulated, the appropriateness of design techniques, the convenience and ease of navigation within the course structure and content, the quality of course design, etc.

A professional jury, as well as members of the WebSoft users community, assesses submitted contest materials.

Prizes are given for several categories and assessed by a professional jury. Also, a Community Prize will be awarded based on votes received from portal users. In 2011, courses created using Adobe Flash will be judged in a separate category.

As always, winners will receive certificates and prizes at a debriefing party following the close of the contest. Information about the winners and highlighted contest entries will be published in leading HR information resources.

Entry Requirements:
1. The course should be developed using WebSoft CourseLab versions 2.5, 2.6, or CourseLab Teamwork (available at )
2. The module should contain at least 15 slides (if using the program demo version:3 course parts consisting of 5 slides)
3. The course must be sent electronically in a SCORM / AICC package or in a folder with the CourseLab source material
4. The cover letter accompanying the material must include the following phrase: "I agree with the publication of the enclosed submitted material on"

Contest materials must be submitted before May 11, 2011
Results will be announced prior to June 10, 2011

Please send your competition applications to

Past e-Learning courses submitted to CourseLab for the 2008, 2009, and 2010 contests are available at .

A demo version of the software is also available for download.