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E-Learning PRO Poll confirms the leading position of Websoft  

In March 2011, Moscow hosted the Summit for Electronic Course Developers. The event was organized by the eLearning PRO professional community and brought together e-learning experts from Russia and the CIS. Over 400 participants attended the summit, either personally or via webinars. During the event, participants were interviewed about their approaches to e-learning technologies and tools.

Full survey results can be accessed here .

Interview results from the corporate sector have confirmed the leading position of Websoft in the markets of distance education systems and e-learning development tools.

The Distance Learning System WebTutor was used by 55% of respondents (in the corporate sector). If we include respondents who have not yet implemented the DLS (eg 17%), the share of total WebTutor DLS implementations would be more than 66%.

WebSoft products are also the clear leader among electronic course development tools. In this sector the CourseLab editor claimed a 35% share. The closest competitor for course development, Adobe Flash at 19%, requires highly skilled developers. The share claimed by its closest competitor for a rapid course development tool does not exceed 5%.