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Competitive Advantages  
Competitive Advantages

Что наши заказчики говорят о системе WebTutor?
Почему они выбирают решения WebSoft?

Узнайте 10 ключевых причин

The WebTutor system is the undisputed leader for corporate learning management systems and personnel development in Russia and the CIS(*). The reason for this lies not only in effective marketing, but also in the competitive advantages offered by our products.

Main Competitive Advantages:

  • Broad system functionality - we offer a unique set of modules, that allow for thoroughly automating company HR-processes. More than 10 years of experience in development and implementation allow us to fully adapt the system to the needs of leading Russian companies.
  • Automation complexity - our products are not just a lot of modules, they allow for fully automated key processes associated with training and personnel development. More about the cohesiveness of our system can be discovered in the chart of modules.
  • Flexible equipment - due to multiple system modules, the customer can choose the most convenient configuration that will meet his current needs and budget. The system can always be expanded on later.
  • Flexible pricing - the system price does not depend on the number of users. By purchasing a certain set of modules, you make a one-time investment that will quickly recoup its cost.
  • Possibilities for integration with external IT systems - experience has shown us that the system can be successfully integrated with popular staff accounting systems (1C, Boss Kadrovik, Company Media, Ait Soft, Pharaoh, etc.), ERP-systems (Oracle, SAP , MS Axapta, MS Navision, Scala), accounting and user authentication systems (Active Directory, Domino Directory, LDAP directories, HP Select Access, etc.), e-mail systems (MS Exchange, Lotus Domino), corporate portals (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, SAP Portal). Effective integration with existing IT infrastructure allows the customer to effectively use their time and labor to quickly master system administrator features.
  • Continuous development - we never stand still. We are constantly incorporating users' best system practices, the growing needs of customers, new ideas and technology. These changes are reflected in new versions of our products. If you use WebSoft for two weeks don't receive information from us about new features - you did not read your e-mail!
  • Flexibility and adaptation - the system combines two seemingly impossible characteristics - a "boxed version" and maximum customization. Using a boxed version, the client does not risk being stuck with a unique, made just for him release requiring costly support. In the case of the WebTutor system, the boxed version (with the possibility for upgrading to a new version at any time) can be customized to meet company needs. The system architecture at any of its configurations includes electronic document editors, reports, templates, e-mail notifications. The system is easy to set up (usually without programmers) for printed forms, templates, add design attributes, categories of information attributes and documents, managing the structure of the portal, etc.
  • The user community - by becoming a customer, you do not just start using our products; you join the wider community (over 1,500 strong) that automates professional training and personnel evaluation. We provide our clients with effective tools for communicating and sharing experiences with colleagues on a dedicated site - forums, webinars, and blogs.

* - According to the study by Amplua Broker in 2008

If the above arguments and capabilities of the system modules have not yet convinced you of WebTutor's benefits, you can fill out a comparison chart comparing the WebTutor system with alternative systems.