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Virtual Training Center in 10 Minutes  

WebSoft, the Russian market leader of distance education software, began offering an unprecedented range of services for the project. Project users may now participate in e-learning, e-testing, video conferencing, on-line seminars (webinars), as well as utilize tools for creating e-learning courses and tests.

The MyLMS service is intended for small and medium-sized businesses, training and consulting companies, training centers, and other organizations that are interested in e-learning technologies, but who are not yet ready to make distance learning programs a part of their own intranet or internet resources. To promote e-learning technology, the training portal service is provided completely free of charge to organizations with less than 100 trainees.

MyLMS users can:

  • Significantly reduce training costs
  • Train a large number of employees in a short time
  • Strategically control employee knowledge
  • Easily analyze training results
  • Inform employees about news and company policies
  • Organize user feedback collection and analysis
  • Organize forums and blogs for communication between users
  • Chat online in real time with colleagues, clients, or partners using virtual classrooms
  • Create professional, interactive e-courses without being a skilled programmer or designer

The services offered freely through MyLMS make the learning process as comfortable as possible for employees and eliminates a lot of routine work related to controlling knowledge, informing students, and analyzing learning outcomes.

Today, online users can:

  • Create their own system of distance learning and testing (LMS) or online learning center
  • Configure one or more sites to access their personal LMS with a unique address within the domain (i.e., where "company" is your company name)
  • Develop a student database
  • Manage your own training portal, including its design, upload a variety of materials (news, regulatory documents, training materials, etc.) to the portal
  • Create a library of test questions and tests
  • Create online courses with an editor or import CourseLab Teamwork training materials that meet SCORM (1.2, 2004) or AICC standards
  • Use the online courses and tests included in the Websoft library
  • Manage aspects of training (course assignment, training applications, training period)
  • Hold trainings, administer tests
  • Organize communication between users, experts, and teachers
  • Analyze training results and create various reports
  • Conduct webinars and video conferences using WebSoft Virtual Classroom

The MyLMS service is built on the WebTutor system, which is already used by more than 300 large and medium-sized companies for distance learning. All administrator operations for configuring LMS are performed on the MyLMS website using a web based system.

"With the development of modern technology, a much more productive and flexible approach to training and testing personnel has appeared," says Alexey Korolkov, WebSoft CEO. "We are on the brink of an era when HR-specialists, even at the smallest companies, can create excellent virtual training centers and online courses that are immediately accessible to students while ensuring that employee education develops in accordance with existing staff policies. The service is designed to provide small and medium businesses with all the modern technology needed for e-learning and testing personnel in an easy to use format. For companies with less than 100 system users, the ability to use the MyLMS for employee e-learning and testing is completely free.

According to Pavel Kovalev, Director of WebSoft Product Development: "Using MyLMS provides a launch into the field of e-learning for companies seeking to develop their employees as well as assisting training companies providing training services to its customers. Clients gain the ability to manage an educational portal based on the MyLMS service. The fact that the access portal address contains the company name is an added benefit, allowing clients to promote their brand to employees, customers, and partners."

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