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The 2011 CourseLab jury formed  
The names of the experts judging the annual contest for the best e-learning course developed with the WebSoft Courselab Editor in 2011 have been announced. The jury will evaluate the best work out of the 50 courses submitted to the contest this year in the following categories:
    • The most effective use of multimedia and interactive solutions
    • The most effective application of pedagogical design principles
    • The most original visual design and course navigation
The assessment will be carried out independently by each of the experts  using the 7 following grading criteria:
    • Clear formulation of course goals and objectives
    • Compliance of the design methods used in achieving the course goals and objectives and a methodological development throughout the course materials
    • Effectiveness, in terms of assisting with training, of the selection and use of multimedia (graphics, audio, video, characters, etc.)
    • Effectiveness of interactive items (exercises, games, charts, and tasks) and mechanisms for providing feedback
    • Navigation: Convenience and ease of navigation through the content and course structure
    • Overall quality of the course design (selection of illustrations, formatting text, colors, common design template for the course)
    • Predicted degree to which the course content will be mastered by the target audience
This year, submissions will be assessed not only by expert commission members, but also by Portal WebSoft users  and users registered on the portal. Their votes will determine the winner of the "Community Award" for best e-course.

Winners will be announced on June 14. The award ceremony for contestants will take place as part of an «e-learning Party» specially organized by WebSoft. All the participants and experts who participated in the contest will be invited to come and informally mix with colleagues while sharing experiences and new ideas.

The 2011 jury is made up of recognized professionals in the field of corporate training:

    • Alexander Vorobyov, director of development for SRC Multimedia
    • Yuri I. Duhnich, Editor of the Smart education portal and head of the International e-Learning School
    • Andrew B.Dyusmikeev, owner and manager of the "Medium" company holdings
    • Leonid Markovich Kroll, the director and lead trainer at the Training Center Personnel CLASS, Director of Group and Family Psychology, President of the Publishing House "CLASS"
    • Elena Loktev, Deputy Director of The High-Tech Park Education and Methodology Education Center, author and manager of the project
    • Vladimir Naumov, a pedagogical designer, trainer, freelancer
    • Alexander Ryabinin, director of e-learning Multimedia Labs
    • Elena Tikhomirova, founder and ideological leader of the company's Center for eLearning, the founder of the community of specialists in the field of e-Learning, "e-Learning PRO", a member of the Advisory Council for the State Duma on the development of e-learning
    • Julia Uzhakina, managing partner of "Amplua".
    • Alexander Ulesov, director of consulting, director of "Personnel development and implementation of changes," UAB "ECOPSY Consulting"
    • Sergey V.Usenko, head of the Training Center "Technical Instruction Methods" Central Institute for Continuing Education and Training (CICE&T)"
    • Yan Fedyanin, managing partner of "Premium Consulting"
To learn more about jury members click here: CourseLab 2011 Contest Experts. CourseLab 2011 Contest Experts.