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CourseLab Teamwork: A new product from Websoft  

WebSoft, a leading developer of automated recruitment, assessment, and staff development software, has introduced a powerful, new software tool for creating e-learning courses: CourseLab Teamwork 2010. The CourseLab Editor is well known to e-learning experts in Russia and the CIS. Hundreds of professional corporate training centers and universities use it daily in their work. The new version of the editor presents a single-user ("desktop") version of Course lab and allows users to not only create courses, but also automate the entire creation process: from project planning to result verification.

The new product is designed for the team development of courses and allows users to create interactive training materials while working in an internet browser. Several authors can work simultaneously on the same course. At the reviewing stage, the created course can be viewed by other users who can leave comments for developers directly on the course slides.

As a result, the efficiency of developing interactive training materials within the company increases. The time needed to develop e-learning materials is reduced. Information sharing between developers is accelerated and the process of e-learning course creation and project management is simplified. Not only is the overall process simplified, but the quality of materials produced is improved.

Fig. Using CourseLab Teamwork 2010 via Internet Explorer to develop a course

The CourseLab Teamwork 2010 system combines the mechanisms of collaborative work (both in terms of information exchange and in terms of project management) with the possibilities of the traditional CourseLab "desktop" editor.

As a result, users have access to a means for collaborating on educational content with the following features:
- Support for all traditional, CourseLab "desktop" editor objects and patterns (over 100)
- Material creation and editing takes place in a WYSIWYG environment (What You See Is What You Get)
- Course developer need not have knowledge of HTML or other programming languages
- Certified to conform with SCORM 2004
- Built-in test creator
- Built-in tools for animating objects
- Import from PowerPoint, Word, etc.
- Compliant with any rich-media content: Macromedia® Flash®, Shockwave®, Java®, multiple video formats, etc.
- Easy interface for inserting and synchronizing audio
- Tools for managing the project plan and project team
- Control users' access permissions for editing specific modules and courses
- Save project agreement histories
- Import courses created in the CourseLab "desktop" version
- Publish directly to the distance learning system without importing/exporting data in a SCORM format

"Today the requirements for e-learning course editors are different from those which we navigated in the past," Alexei Korolkov, General Director for WebSoft stated. "Formerly, an e-course developer, as a rule, acted as the expert, project manager, and the designer. Now there is a tendency to distribute these roles among several people, each of whom has a concrete role in preparing specific educational material. CourseLab Teamwork 2010 is designed to meet the needs of modern companies in the collective development of courses (both in terms of information exchange and in terms of project management), allowing users to accelerate the development of e-learning courses and making it more convenient for developers and experts to create the most effective educational materials through collaboration. Thus, despite its ease of use, CourseLab Teamwork 2010 allows you to create interactive courses of any complexity."

A key advantage of CourseLab Teamwork 2010 compared with traditional e-learning course editors is that project management, communication between team members, and course development occurs in the same software environment. This greatly simplifies interactions between team members, thus increasing productivity and the quality of the developed course.

CourseLab Teamwork 2010 is integrated with the WebTutor DLS WebSoft company and comes as one of the modules in the WebTutor system.

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